weka RandomForest in JAVA: classes distribution (m_classDistribution)

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weka RandomForest in JAVA: classes distribution (m_classDistribution)

I am trying to collect recursively the statistics from the weka random_forest model, like attribute_name, m_splitPoint and m_classDistribution for numeric attributes. For some reason, in some nodes, m_classDistribution is null (can't extract classes) and in the leaves of these nodes m_classDistribution is not null, and I can extract all the info from there.
The question is why classes are not presented in all nodes?

Java code:
StatisticTrees.java contains the list of NodeStatistics

protected void generateStatisticTree(StatisticTrees tree, int level) {
            if (m_Attribute == -1) {
                // leaf info
                m_classDistribution is not null here
            } else {
                String name = m_Info.attribute(m_Attribute).name(),
                double splitPoint = m_SplitPoint;
                NodeStatistics nodeStatistics = new NodeStatistics(name, splitPoint);
                //For some nodes this is null
                if (m_ClassDistribution != null) {

                m_Successors[0].generateStatisticTree(tree, level + 1);
                m_Successors[1].generateStatisticTree(tree, level + 1);
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