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Weka too Slow to start and open any option

Miguel Soto

Hi All


I am new using Weka tool, I have received a very good comments about this tool, as alternative of R or Python. So I installed in my computer but this tool runs very slow.  Let me explain more in detail.


I started Weka Tool (Windows – Start- Program Files- Weka),  Weka’s log is displayed  and after 1:00 minut the “Weka GUI Chooser” window is displayed.

I give click on “Explorer” bottom  and are needed 1:50 (1 minut and 50 seconds)  to display the “Explorer” window.


Please see the video (it is in zip) where you can see this situation of slow in weka.


It is the same situation (slow response) after click on “Open File” bottom of Weka Explorer window. It takes more than 1 minut of change the path preselected.


I hope you can help me because I want to use this powerful tool, but slow affects impacts negatively its use.


I installed the version 3.8.4

My OS is: Windows 10 Pro


Inter Core i5-4300M CPU @2.GH

Type System 64 bits

Java Version: 11.0.5


If you need more information please let me know.


Thanks in advance.

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