Weka is stuck in Java and does NOT work

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Weka is stuck in Java and does NOT work

Hi at all!
I'm using Weka to do linear regression.
So I have my dataset in a CSV file and I want to convert them to ARFF.
Don't answer me to provide directly the ARFF: this is not possibile!
I need to convert them first.

This is the code:

final ArffSaver saver = new ArffSaver();

This is the thread stack trace stuck here:

I tried shrinking my CSV to 10 rows, but it stills get stuck.

Also in the console it complains it doesn't find native implementation for
NativeSystemARPACK, although I placed the required binaries for Windows
listed here:
a folder and placed it in the PATH env variable.

What I should do? Thanks in advance!

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