WEKA 3.8.5 - Bug on ClassifierSubsetEval.evaluateSubset()

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WEKA 3.8.5 - Bug on ClassifierSubsetEval.evaluateSubset()

Dear Friends,

I was doing a static analysis on Weka and it seems there is a little bug on ClassifierSubsetEval.java, method evaluateSubset(BitSet subset, Instances holdOut):

We have this switch case:
    switch (m_evaluationMeasure.getID()) {
    case EVAL_AUC:
      if (m_IRClassVal < 0) {
        evalMetric = evaluation.weightedAreaUnderROC();
      } else {
        evalMetric = evaluation.areaUnderROC(m_IRClassVal);
    case EVAL_AUPRC:
      if (m_IRClassVal < 0) {
        evalMetric = evaluation.weightedAreaUnderPRC();
      } else {
        evalMetric = evaluation.areaUnderPRC(m_IRClassVal);
      evalMetric = evaluation.correlationCoefficient();

As we can see, evalMetric value from EVAL_AUPRC is overwritten by EVAL_CORRELATION
It seems that a simple break; would be enough
If I find more things, I'll report accordingly

Kind Regards,
Geraldo Netto
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