Unable to import data from MySQL - DATETIME issue

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Unable to import data from MySQL - DATETIME issue

Benjamin Donnachie

I’m having issues importing data from MySQL and keep getting the error: “Couldn’t read from database: Unknown data type: DATETIME.  Add entry in weka/experiment/DatabaseUtils.props …”.  I have a DatabaseUtils.props file that contains: “DATETIME=9” and can successfully connect to the database:

connecting to: jdbc:<a href="mysql://localhost:3306/DC" class="">mysql://localhost:3306/DC = true
Query: select * from log2timeline where (datetime > "2000/01/01 00:00:01" AND datetime < "2020/12/31 23:59:59");
4197243 rows selected (100 displayed).

Search through the archives has been inconclusive.  I’m using Weka 3.9.4 with MySQL Community Server - GPL v8.0.22 under MacOS 10.15.7.  The dataset is approx ~4m entries from a three year old plaso v1.5.3 (log2timeline) file that I originally tried exporting as a CSV but contained too many errors so exported as 4n6time_sqlite and then imported into MySQL.

Extract from DatabaseUtils.prop:

# JDBC driver (comma-separated list)
# database URL
jdbcURL=jdbc:<a href="mysql://localhost:3306/DC" class="">mysql://localhost:3306/DC

# specific data types
# other options
DateFormat=yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss

Any thoughts or help gratefully received!

Many thanks,


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