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Re: Problems installing WEKA version 3.4.5

Peter Reutemann
> I am having problems installing WEKA version 3.4.5 on a PC
> running WINDOWS 2000.
> After downloading the install file (without JAVA), I get the
> following error message.

That's weird... I never had any such problems on my windows machines...
Maybe this knowledgebase article gives you some hints:

Otherwise, download the ZIP version of Weka (on the Weka homepage, under
"Other platforms") and follow those instructions there. Since it's
without an installer, it shouldn't be a problem.

If you're normally not working on the command line, you could create a
batch file called "RunWeka.bat" in that directory with this content:
    java -Xmx128m -jar weka.jar

After that, create a link in the start menu to point to that batch file,
to make life easier for starting up Weka. :-)

Cheers, Peter

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