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Peter Reutemann
> Hello Peter,
> This is Quan Sun, a final year BSc student. I implemented some instance-based classifiers, and I donot know if weka group still call for code? The email above is a message back from Eibe. He suggested that I should contact you :)
> And I think that there may be some people want to make theirs code in weka available to public. So, do you think it will be nice if we have a website for weka users to public theirs code? Say, a user can register an account, edit, upload, update ... theirs classifiers (code). and the system can also make some ranks by best donwloads, lastest updated, best classifiers, best authors...

Since we have a Wiki on Sourceforge, this is probably the best place to
easily maintain information about the classifiers that are developed
elsewhere, but still a central place for exchanging information. You can
find the Wiki at this location:

> This is just an idea (I got this idea when I was coding a small system to public my own code), what do you think about this :-)
> My sample page:

I've started an article that describes how to add classifiers to the
Wiki, inlcuding an example (based on ZeroR). You can find it here:

> Best wishes
> Quan Sun

Happy hacking! :-)

Cheers, Peter
Peter Reutemann, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Waikato, NZ     +64 (7) 838-4466 Ext. 5174

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