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R does not seem to be available

wee yit

Hi all,

I am Goh. I am using macOS Catalina and Java jdk-14. I had installed update version:

1. R 3.6.3 

2. rJava 0.9-11.tgz

2. Weka 3.9.4 azul-zulu 

3. Rplugin 1.3.27

At Weka's RConsole, I get the error message as below:

"R does not seem to be available. Check that you have the R_HOME environment variable set, R is in your path and that java.library.path property points to the JRI native library. Information on setup for different OS can be found at http://www.rforge.net/JRI " 

The R_HOME and R_LIBS_USER at R 3.6.3:

> .libPaths()

[1] "/Users/weeyit/Library/R/3.6/library"                          

[2] "/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/3.6/Resources/library"

> R.home(component = "home")

[1] "/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources"

Thr Weka's SystemInfo:



I had deleted and reinstalled Weka and R, each time i will delete links below before install new sets of weka and R:

1. /Users/weeyit/Library/R (entire link under R)

2. /Users/weeyit/wekafiles

3. /usr/local/bin

4. /Users/weeyit/.RData

5. /Users/weeyit/.Rapp.history]application R                         

6. /Library/Frameworks/R.framework (entire link under R.framework)
7. envPane 

How can i check Rplugin in weka for the R-Home environment variable in macOS?

How to check java.library.path property points to the JRI native library in Rplugin or R? How to check the set up of JRI in weka macOS?  

I tried to install Amazon Corretto 8 and Amazon Corretto 11 to change the OpenJDK, Weka's Rconsole still give the same error message as before. Please advice.




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