Please Help -- Clistering time series data

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Please Help -- Clistering time series data

harry wills
I am very new to data mining field.
I have a clustering problem to do and was wondering whether how I can
do it in Weka or anyone can suggest which method I have to use

my data format is

Object                  AttributeA                                  
               Year0  Year1 Year2  Year3       Year0  Year1 Year2 ... YearN
---------      -------------------------------------------      
1              1000    950    880     450             20      25    
30   ...      ...
2               950     670    470     N/A                              

I could understand it is a time series data.But I dont know how to
proceed to cluster it.
Please if somebody could suggest hpw I can do this using weka or any
other literature can help me a lot

thanks for your time

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