How FS (Genetic Search) works to select sub features

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How FS (Genetic Search) works to select sub features

Hello Eibe and Peter, I hope you both are doing well.

I have a question, kindly if you could provide your expert suggestions? 

I have performed experiments (with Weka Explorer) for one of my paper where I have used several meta-heuristic FS algorithms from Weka metaphor search plugin. All the things are going well but one of the reviewer asked to provide how these FS algorithms (i.e. GA, PSO, ACO etc) performed to select the sub features? In other words, the internal process of these FS algorithms to select features from a dataset. 

As Weka explorer has made the things so easier, I have no idea how internally they select the features. I just know the individual properties of these algorithms like pheromone trail for ACO, inertia weights for PSO, mutation/crossover for GA etc.

I would appreciate it if you could help in this regard?

Kind regards

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