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Graph in forecasting

Hi everyone!

I'm working with forecasting, finally, *I get my data correctly and I would
like to see the graph of my data*.

My arff file is the following:

@relation csv1000filas

@attribute IDPatient numeric
@attribute Date DATE "dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss"
@attribute Temp numeric
@attribute SPO2min numeric
@attribute SPO2max numeric
@attribute BPMmin numeric
@attribute BPMmax numeric
@attribute BPMavg numeric
@attribute Sys numeric
@attribute Dia numeric
@attribute EDAmin numeric
@attribute EDAmax numeric
@attribute EDAavg numeric
@attribute Disease numeric

1,'13-12-2019 17:10:00',34.27,95.5,98.02,69,74,71.42,141,91,4.67,4.94,4.78,1

And the target selection to predict is Disease. When I run one algorithm
like SMOreg or LinearRegression I don't get any graph, just the prediction.
*How can I see the graphs?*

Thanks in advance!

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