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Glove Text Representation

Hi Guys,

I am trying to  process text with Glove. But no luck so far.... However, I
can process Word2Vec with same approach.

This is the configuration:
weka.classifiers.meta.FilteredClassifier -F "weka.filters.MultiFilter -F
\"weka.filters.unsupervised.attribute.Dl4jStringToGlove -xMax 100.0 -alpha
0.75 -batchSize 512 -learningRate 0.025 -minLearningRate 1.0E-4 -shuffle
-symmetric -action DOC_VECTOR_AVERAGE -concat_words 15 -embedding_prefix
embedding- -epochs 1 -iterations 1 -layerSize 100 -minWordFrequency 10
\\\"weka.dl4j.text.tokenization.preprocessor.CommonPreProcessor \\\" -seed 1
-stopWordsHandler \\\"weka.dl4j.text.stopwords.Dl4jNull \\\" -index 1
\\\" -windowSize 5 -workers 4\" -F
\"weka.filters.unsupervised.attribute.RemoveType -T string\"" -S 1 -W
weka.classifiers.functions.Dl4jMlpClassifier -- -S 1 -cache-mode MEMORY
-early-stopping "weka.dl4j.earlystopping.EarlyStopping
-maxEpochsNoImprovement 0 -valPercentage 0.0" -normalization "Standardize
training data" -iterator
"weka.dl4j.iterators.instance.DefaultInstanceIterator -bs 1"
-iteration-listener "weka.dl4j.listener.EpochListener -eval true -n 5"
-layer "weka.dl4j.layers.OutputLayer -lossFn
\"weka.dl4j.lossfunctions.LossMCXENT \" -nOut 0 -activation
\"weka.dl4j.activations.ActivationSoftmax \" -name \"Output layer\""
-logConfig "weka.core.LogConfiguration -append true -dl4jLogLevel WARN
-logFile C:\\Users\\irobot2\\wekafiles\\wekaDeeplearning4j.log -nd4jLogLevel
INFO -wekaDl4jLogLevel INFO" -config "weka.dl4j.NeuralNetConfiguration
-biasInit 0.0 -biasUpdater \"weka.dl4j.updater.Sgd -lr 0.001 -lrSchedule
\\\"weka.dl4j.schedules.ConstantSchedule -scheduleType EPOCH\\\"\" -dist
\"weka.dl4j.distribution.Disabled \" -dropout \"weka.dl4j.dropout.Disabled
\" -gradientNormalization None -gradNormThreshold 1.0 -l1 NaN -l2 NaN
-minimize -algorithm STOCHASTIC_GRADIENT_DESCENT -updater
\"weka.dl4j.updater.Adam -beta1MeanDecay 0.9 -beta2VarDecay 0.999 -epsilon
1.0E-8 -lr 0.001 -lrSchedule \\\"weka.dl4j.schedules.ConstantSchedule
-scheduleType EPOCH\\\"\" -weightInit XAVIER -weightNoise
\"weka.dl4j.weightnoise.Disabled \"" -numEpochs 10 -queueSize 0 -zooModel
"weka.dl4j.zoo.CustomNet "


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