Bayes ICS Search creating Graph with Cycle

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Bayes ICS Search creating Graph with Cycle

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Hello Weka-team.

My name is João and I'm a Computer Science student from Brazil working in
a research with Bayesians Networks, and i'm trying to use the code of
ICSSearch which is based on this Paper
<>  and is here the code on github
... and following this paper the code can't make a cycles in a structure of
a bayesian Network created, But this is my problem, everytime when I execute
the code, this code produce a network with cycles.
We can see this problem when the XML of the network is opened on
WEKA->tools-> Bayes net editor .

Anybody Had this problem? I will put my project on github...
 I dont know what I have to do to fix it !

Please somebody help me!

thanks in advance for all <3

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