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About average impurity decrease from RandomForest



I have a doubt respect the values of impurity decrease from RandomForest,
respect to a regression problem weka use a function based on varience for
compute the impurity decrease values. for example for the next command:

/*java weka.classifiers.trees.RandomForest -t data/iris.arff

a output part has this form:

/*Attribute importance based on average impurity decrease (and number of
nodes using that attribute)

      0.63 (   238)  petallength
      0.55 (    67)  sepalwidth
      0.55 (   133)  sepallength
      0.53 (   168)  petalwidth*/

if i want compare the attributes using the average impurity decrease, ¿Do I
have to minimize or maximize with respect to average impurity decrease?

¿where are reported the function based on variance for compute the impurity

¿How i can get number of nodes using that attribute values?

best regards,

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