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Resuscitating Java

Patrick Connolly
My question is about Java installation so that I can use Weka.
Apologies if this is not an appropriate question for this list.

I attempted to install Oracle JDK (slightly unsuccessfully) following
this guide:

Because something didn't quite work I can't install any R packages, in
particular RWeka.  So I'd like to get opinions from those experienced
in Java and preferably apt as to how I can get back to using open-jdk
which used to work flawlessly.

They were deleted this way:
sudo apt-get remove openjdk* icedtea* default-jre default-jdk gcj-jre gcj-jdk icedtea-{6..7}-plugin icedtea-plugin

Can I just reinstall them by replacing 'remove' with 'install'?  And
deleting /opt/java?


Patrick Connolly

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