J48 Question regarding HandleNumericAttribute part

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J48 Question regarding HandleNumericAttribute part


I am doing a project based on C4.5 algorithm. Currently I am modifying the source of J48 in Weka. I am trying create more than 2 bins/branches (<= & >) in HandleNumericAttribute method for experiment. After modifying the code, I did manage to create more splits but only first two branches are being expanded when the tree is generated. No matter how many splits I create it only expands and follows the split criterion for first two leaf nodes. Other branches are not being expanded and straightway performs the  final classification. I tried to change many things and read all the codes from different classes and packages many times, still cannot figure out why is this happening. Can someone please help me with this so I am able to expand all the subsets that is being created from HandleNumericAttribute method.

Thank you